ARCODE Control Panels 2



Application Type: Installation of new lifts or replacement of existing lifts
Motor Control: Synchronous (gearless) machines or induction (geared) machines
Drive System: With machine room or MRL Cabinet Installation: Inside the shaft or outside the shaft
Speed Range: Up to 4 m/s
Group Operation: Up to 8 lifts
Number of Floor: Up to 64 floors
Car Wiring: With CANbus serial communication (standard)
Landing Wiring: With pre-wired CANbus serial wiring. With conventional wiring (up to 16 floors with parallel connection option board)
Car Positioning: With incremental or absolute encoders mounted on motor shaft
Door Operation: 2 Independently oprerated car entrances
Evacuation Operation: By using a 1-phase 230 V UPS and battery
Feedback Option: Incremental encoders (5V TTL or 10-30V HTL), Absolute encoders (EnDat, SSI, SinCos or BISS)
Automatic Settings: Autotunning, shaft learning, Control gain calculation
Rollback Prevention at Start: Pre-torque function (with an analog signal from a load cell), Anti-rollback function (with any external load signal)
Handset (AREM): Color TFT display with user-friendly and multilingual interface Control the system from anywhere via CANbus
Software Update: Fast and reliable updating system via AREM at one time

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